2019 Best Life Project – Tip #1

Celebrate you in 2019 and commit to your BEST LIFE PROJECT! You are worth the investment!
No matter what you choose, it’s about being healthy and active.

If you are looking at making changes, start slow and be consistent. For example, if you are looking at making changes in your diet – going “Hog wild” so to speak, may not be the best choice. Start small – for example, change one thing at a time.
For example:
week one – might be making and eating a healthy breakfast. For some great ideas check out: https://greatist.com/health/healthy-fast-breakfast-recipes
week two – add some walking to your day. Take the stairs or just walk around the block at lunch.
week three – try adding more veggies to your diet – salad with protein at lunch instead of a sandwich or veggies to snack on in the afternoon.
week four – add some strength training once a week to your workouts.
week five – perhaps it’s taking your coffee black instead of with sugar.
week six – reducing your alcohol consumption by one drink a week.
week seven – add a stretch or yoga class (can be done at home, online)
week eight – when eating out, only eat half the serving and take the rest for leftovers for tomorrow.

These are just some suggestions on how to start small. It gives an idea of how making one small change each week, will helps make your goals achievable and you will experience the success you are looking for.

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