BESTLIFEPROJECT #trainright – Tip #2

A survey done in the US in 2017, revealed that 43% of people set losing weight or getting fit as a New Years RESOLUTION.

In the same breath, it seems that according to US News, approximately 80% of RESOLUTIONS have failed by the second week of February.

Health and Wellness should be a life long commitment, not a goal for a specific time frame. We all fall off the H&W wagon at some time, for one reason or another; vacation, injury, etc. The goal should be to practice the 80-20 rule. 80% of the time Health and Wellness so when you fall off the wagon, it’s 20% of your time.

It’s done and over, you get back on track. No judgement, no self hate and no guilt.

Setting goals and having strategies will help us get to where we are feeling healthy and strong. (See Tip #1)

It’s how we stay HEALTHY AND WELL in the long run!

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