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Group Fitness is at the HEART of Heavens. Our group fitness class coaches are the most respected instructors, educators and motivators in the bizz! They are recognized for their expertise locally, nationally and internationally. You will not find a more passionate team of coaches in the city. They believe in giving you an exceptional experience each class.

Optimal results come from training in a wide variety of ways to meet your own unique goals, aspirations and interests. That is why we give you so many choices in one place! With over 30 years of experience in teaching dynamic, interactive, fun and effective group classes, we invite you to join our classes with our dedicated team of coaches. Enjoy the pure energy of a group workout – no matter what style or type of exercise you prefer. Check out the large menu of group classes for the class that meets your needs today.


Move It

A low impact class that builds on choreographed patterns of moves that challenge the mind and body. This cardio endurance class will have you moving, grooving and having fun.


A high intensity full body workout that challenges cardio endurance with simple combinations, anaerobic capacity, power and strength through intensity intervals and power moves. Burn energy and produce heat!

Move Burn Stretch

Same low impact fun as Move It incorporating endurance based weight training with movement and restorative stretching to finish off the class.

Cardio Extreme

A high energy – high intensity cardio workout with advanced high impact choreography, interspersed with high intensity power intervals. Designed to make you sweat!

Athletic Training


Get the benefits of high intensity interval training in this motivating group training workout that gets incredible results. Burn calories and kick up your fitness to a new level of training by continually changing the intensity, exercise and time of the work. Cause some turbulence!

Met Surge

This class will push your intensity to the max with metabolic training techniques. Intensity is key to this interval class with short burst of high effort with short bouts of rest. This class is about getting results

High Voltage

Focus on core to extremity movements utilizing a variety of fundamental functional patterns such as squats, and deadlifts. Workouts will vary in time, intensity, and structure and include both strength and cardio.



Take it to the MAX with this high intensity group strength training class. Experience the latest in functional strength training with this effective state of the art “triplex” technique. Get strong and defined!


Is the weight room not doing it for you? Get strong in this highly effective and energetic pure strength class. Lift, get lean, increase metabolism and transform your body.

Spin and Lift

Our signature CRANK'D cycle class combined with weight training intervals following the cycle portion of the workout. This class offers an intense workout for all fitness levels. LIMITED TO 20 PARTICIPANTS



Unleash your inner groove! From Reggaeton to jazz, hip-hop to Salsa, anything goes in this choreography-based movement class.

Barre Power

Strengthen, lengthen and chisel. Dance-inspired techniques fused with yoga, Pilates, strength and flexibility training are sure to provide participants a multi-level, total body workout that will transform your bodies!

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