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There are so many great reasons to do yoga. Whether you want to relieve tension, increase flexibility, reduce injuries, get stronger, find peace or just breathe ...we have a Yoga, Pilates or our signature Fusion practice to meet your needs. Life is dynamic and we recognize your needs change based on what is happening in your life. At Heavens we feel yoga should be accessible to all, no matter your skill, experience or reason for practicing. Our Yoga, Pilates and Fusion classes are designed to compliment your overall health and fitness program. Our yoga teachers live an active lifestyle, and believe in a balance of activities to give you the best overall health and wellness results. Our classes are inviting, inspiring and effective. If a yoga studio intimidates you…join us at Heavens for an easygoing yoga experience.



Recharge and rejuvenate with the power of inner peace.


This body weight workout combines core training and muscle defining exercises from Pilates and yoga and conditioning from fitness to define, align and sculpt the body. Choreographed to inspiring music, experience a new, innovative and challenging class.

Yoga Foundations

For new or seasoned participants looking to deepen their understanding and exploration of yoga poses. With the basic building blocks of a yoga practice, this class will provide the foundations of strength and flexibility to get you into the pose you desire.

Spin & Yin

The best of both worlds with a perfect balance of high-energy indoor cycling for strong cardiovascular performance followed by specialized yoga poses and stretches to release and restore the mind and body. LIMITED TO 20 PARTICIPANTS.

Yoga Revive

The yin and yang of yoga. This class opens with high energy yoga poses for strength and endurance and closes with calming and quieting posed to leave you feeling completely revived.

Pilates Core

The next evolution in Pilates training. This class combines the latest in core training, Pilates mat exercises and evolved Pilates exercises to enhance your core conditioning program.

Fascial Flex

Regenerate for optimal performance using Heavens innovative fascial stretch technique that will change the way you move. Applying a variety to flexibility techniques experience a completely new way to stretch to gain freedom of movement, increase mobility, reduce pain and tension and feel amazing.

Yoga Unwind

A slower yoga class that focuses on embracing each pose individually with time and technique, designed to increase mobility, balance and strength.

Yoga Flow

This dynamic, physical and energizing form of yoga flows through a series of yoga postures linked together by breath. Includes various elements of many different yoga practices.

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