Getting Fit for Golf Season

Everyone from PGA pros to weekend hackers know that in order to lower your handicap, you need to get in shape. However, you can’t just do any workout. You need to specifically target the muscles you use on the course while recreating the way you use them.
The top players (and good amateurs) have great flexibility, mobility, stability, and core strength. If the golfer is lacking any of these physical parameters, the ability to execute the golf swing in an efficient manner will be limited. If the body can’t execute the golf swing correctly, compensation patterns develop and swing faults are the result.

Flexibility Is As Important as Fitness
What a golfer needs to accomplish in a workout is to increase flexibility and mobility. In order to create the rotary aspect of the swing, they must have a lot of flexibility and mobility.
Some suggestions for maintaining mobility in the hips are: windshield wipers, piriformis stretches, kneeling hip flexor presses, and stork turns.
Suggestion to try a Yoga or stretch classes.

Core Strength
Golfers need stability or strength in the core region in order to maintain a fixed spine angle.

Core strength suggestions include: front planks, side planks, bent knee, back holds work well as well as saws, bent knee back presses with an exercise ball.
Suggestion: Try an Infused Core or Pilates class

Always Warm Up
Run through 5-10 minutes of dynamic warm ups.
Start with ankle presses, move on to bent-knee side-to-side leg swings, straight leg swings, wall slides, shoulder turns, and torso back swings.
Stretch Your Feet
After four and a half hours walking the course, the feet can become tired and tight.
Try rolling a golf ball along the arches of your feet.

Suggestion: try a Fascial Flex class, myofascial release class

Cool Down
Golf is a repetitive movement and with repetition comes fatigue and tightness.
Try some static stretching and self-mild fast relief exercises with a foam roller.

Suggestion: Try a Rolling or Fascial Flex class

Source: https://www.mensjournal.com/health-fitness/6-steps-to-getting-golf-fit-20140807/

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