Getting fit for summer!

Spring is here and many have started to think about bathing suit season…
Looking and feeling great in your suit this summer is a reasonable goal. However, remember that getting fit is about more than weight – it’s also about strength, endurance, and good health.
By getting active now, you will have more energy to enjoy the outdoors, allowing you to get the most out of Canada’s shortest season of the year.
1. Set a goal beyond weight.
Don’t hang all your expectations and motivations on a number on the scale. Getting fit takes the addition of muscle mass, which is heavier than fat. You can lose inches and still gain weight. However, those lost inches will make your clothes fit better and you will see your body composition improve.
2. Find the kind of routine that works for you.
Different things work for different people – some prefer to exercise at home and some prefer the gym; some prefer a flexible exercise schedule and others need regimented time slots devoted to exercise. You’re more likely to adhere to your exercise plan if it fits your style.
3. Don’t just focus on cardio; strength-training is important, too.
Building lean muscle helps burn fat, it’s an equally important part of any get fit plan.
4. Mix it up with challenges.
Throw in a weekly challenge to change up the routine. Maybe it’s a new class, a hike or a bike around the lake; choose something that is outside of what you usually do to get you re-energized and motivated.
5. Don’t get injured!
Don’t end up on the sidelines by going too hard too fast. A tight summer deadline can sometimes mean we push too hard. Slow and steady wins the race!
Source: https://skinnyms.com/7-steps-to-get-fit-before-summer-4/

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