Healthy, Stress Free Holidays – Hint #12 – Christmas Day is coming!

Less than three weeks until the BIG DAY! Start looking for healthy alternatives to some of your favorite holiday recipes.

  • Substitute apple sauce for butter or margarine for muffins, loaves? I go straight across in measurements.
  • Exchange low-fat or non-fat dairy alternatives in recipes.
  • Use small amounts of strong cheese instead of lots of a milder cheese.
  • To mimic the flavor or creaminess of sour cream use low fat buttermilk or fat free yogurt instead.
  • Use evaporated skim milk in soups and sauces to replace heavy cream.
  • Remove the skin from poultry. (You can do so after cooking, since the meat doesn’t absorb much of the fat.)
  • For the leanest option when preparing ground meat recipes, ask your butcher to grind skinned, boneless turkey or chicken breast.
  • Use Canadian-style bacon. Ounce for ounce, it has 116 fewer calories than regular bacon.
  • Use nuts sparingly; toast them to enhance their flavor.
  • Use very little fat in cooking. Instead, use nonstick pans, spray coating, or a small amount of broth or water to saute or “fry” vegetables or meat.

These small changes will help make recipes healthier and reduce calories but allow all the flavor and tradition to shine through. Happy Healthy Holidays!

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