Helpful Holiday Hint – #6 – The Holiday Buffet

A trap at any social event, the Buffet can make or break your holiday experience. Don’t avoid social experiences completely, use these helpful hints to easily navigate the holiday buffet and enjoy the season.

Scout it out – pick your favorites, those choices that you are really drawn to. Walk away from those choices that you really “don’t” need or don’t appeal to you as much.

Portion size – be aware sizes. A portion size of cheese is about the size of your pinky finger…

Fill your plate with what you would usually consider a meal, avoid going back for seconds

Be mindful of what you are eating – although this season is all about visiting and socializing, be conscious when you are eating to avoid over indulging.

Share – so many fabulous choices at so many social events. Take a “date” and share your appetizer, entrée and dessert.

More veggies, less fat for lunch if you know you are going out in an evening

A Groups of Buffet in the Restaurant

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