How Can Working With a Personal Trainer Benefit Your Child or Youth?

More and more every day, adults are learning the benefits of working one on one, or in small groups with a personal trainer who can customize a workout program to fit their specific needs and goals. But personal training isn’t just for adults.  These days, parents are seeking out trainers to work with their children outside of gym class and after school sports. How could your child benefit from working with a personal trainer? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Some kids just aren’t into organized sport. Take for example, me! As a child, I tried several different team sports and never found any that I truly loved; the same is true for me as an adult, however I still love working out and being active outside of sports.
  2. Your child may be struggling with their body image, and working with a trainer outside of organized sports or gym class could help them develop the confidence to participate in physical activity and sport with their peers.
  3. Your child is serious about their sport! One of the main goals for personal trainers working with children and youth is to prevent injury. Although every sport is an important part of an active lifestyle, playing the same sport day in and day out can create imbalances in the body that a trainer can address to promote optimal injury prevention and increased performance.
  4. The goal is for children to be active for life. Once they grow up and move on from organized sport, it is important that children and youth are still involved in regular physical activity. Working with a trainer can give them the skills and knowledge to use the gym independently, which can make them more likely to make it there on a regular basis.
  5. Working with a personal trainer in a gym setting is a great way for kids to learn about safe resistance training. Resistance and weight training has been proven to safely host a number of benefits for children and youth if done properly, despite controversy in recent years over its safety factors regarding youngsters.

For more information on safe resistance and weight training specifically, check out these reliable resources:

  • The New York Times- The Benefits of Weight Training for Children


  • KidsHealth- Strength Training


Hayley Christenson, Heavens Personal Fitness Coach

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