I need to get in shape before I join a gym…

“I need to clean the house before the cleaning lady arrives”….Have you ever heard that one before?Well how about, “I have to get in shape before I can join a gym?” We hear it all of the time and as a business that has been around for over 35 years, take it from us, it’s one of the craziest things ever!

First and foremost, a gym is a place where you will find people who have similar health and wellness goals to you. You will also find experts who will be able to help you achieve those goals.

Many find a gym setting intimidating. I’ve been around fitness all of my life and every time I go into a new gym when I am away on vacation, I think, how do I adjust this machine? Where is that machine? I get it, but I always remember that the people in the facility are just like me, so why not ask.

When it comes to getting to know the equipment, check in with the front desk/reception, most facilities have an “orientation opportunity of some sort” for new members. It’s there for you to not only take advantage of but to also meet some new, like-minded people and/or staff to help you feel more comfortable in your new gym surroundings. This session usually introduces you to the equipment in the facility, how it works, how to turn it on, how to adjust it best for your body, etc.

If you feel like you have no idea what to do… Personal Training is a great solution. Personal Trainers typically offer an initial consultation to discuss goals, timelines, previous history etc. If learning more about working out, your body and your health and wellness is what you are looking for, this one on one opportunity is a great way to learn from an expert.

If it’s classes you want but have no idea where to start, ask to speak with the facility’s Fitness/Group Fitness Director. They are your resident expert on the group classes, they build the schedule and know what every class is like from an intensity level to the type of experience you will have. They also know their instructors and know the best fit for what you are looking for.

We look at our facility as a community of like minded people, all focused on their health and wellness, no matter their shape or size. Use your community to your advantage and jump in with both feet – meet new people, experience new things, you will never regret the investment!

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