March is Nutrition Month – Tip #3 – Eat your water

Here is a great piece written by Amanda Ouellette from our ATCO Park site that continues on from our conversation yesterday.

Eat your Water

For some, drinking enough water each day to stay hydrated can be challenging. Luckily, fluids are not the only things that contribute to healthy hydration levels. Some foods contain significant amounts of water that can quench your thirst and help you feel satisfied on fewer calories.

Fluid Filled Food Water by Weight Benefits Preparation

Watermelon 92% Vitamin C and Lycopene Chop into salsa, freeze into ice pops, mix with goat cheese for a summer salad

Cucumber 95% Fiber and Vitamin C Chop up for a salad or blend into a soup

Strawberries 91% Variety of B Vitamins, Vitamin C and Folate
Blend into a smoothie, mix into a fruit salad, or bake into muffins

Papaya 88% High in fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C
Add to your morning parfait, or add to a summer salad

Salad Greens 90% Vitamin C, folate, Fiber and beta-carotene
Mix a variety of spinach, Boston Bibb, arugula, and kale into a salad

Yogurt 85-88% Calcium, B Vitamins, and cultures Mix with muesli for breakfast or bland with Feta and herbs for a light dip

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