March is Nutrition Month

Every month seems to have a theme, however March is one I am particularly fond of, Nutrition Monday. It’s time to spring clean our eating habits after a long winter of seeking out comfort food or ordering in because it’s just so cold out you don’t want to go to the store. Let’s get our eating back on track!

When we talked about “Resolutions” and “Goals” back in January, I talked about small steps making permanent changes. So let’s start the first week of March by setting one, small nutrition goal that you feel you can maintain all month long. What would that be for you?

Reducing the amount of processed sugar you consume? It could be as easy as reducing the amount of sugar you put in your coffee every day. Or it could be choosing plain yogurt instead of flavored and adding your own fruit.
Perhaps your first goal may be making sure you eat a healthy breakfast every day…

Whatever your goal is this week, make it manageable, don’t start too big! We are going to add a second goal next week, then and third and a fourth in the following weeks! By the end of the month, we will have “cleaned up” our nutrition habits and be ready for Spring and Summer.

Good Luck!

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