Sign Up For Everything Online – How to use your MINDBODY app!

Starting this week you will be able to sign up for ALL classes online! Since we are on the topic of signing up- let’s talk about how to do that. If you’ve been logging in on the web and signing up for Crank’d classes then keep on doing the exact same thing. crazy
If you’re signing in with the Mindbody app, we’ll walk you through the steps to sync your Heavens account with your newly downloaded app:

  1. Go to your device’s online store and search MINDBODY. (A pink and orange picture with a white circle is what you are looking for.)
  2. Download the app and open it up.
  3. Select SIGN IN WITH EMAIL. You must use the email address you used when you signed up with Heavens. After you enter your information the app will send you an email to that address with a link in it.
  4. Open the email and click on the blue link that says VERIFY MY EMAIL. This will take you back to the app where you can then click on the link that says OPEN IN MINDBODY and voila! You are ready to book away.

You do not have to sign up online, however, we do recommend it for many of the new classes and any class with limited room. You are always welcome to show up and walk in as you have done, but by signing up you are guaranteed to have your spot.

Please feel free to come talk to us at the front desk about any questions you have about this.
If you have any questions please e-mail info@heavensfitness.com or just ask the front desk!

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