Small Changes

There are so many “cliché’s” out there, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, “it’s the little victories that matter”, “one small step for man, one giant step….” well you get the picture. These small thoughts go without saying and are especially important when it comes to making health and wellness changes.

  1. Identify and understand what you want to change.

Whenever you decide to make a change, you must first understand why you’re making the change in the first place.

  1. Rid your life of negativity.

This is not as simple as it may sound. In fact, those who are negative or surrounded by negativity are more stressed, get sick more often, and have less opportunities than those who are positive.

  1. Any activity is good activity.

When you exercise, you feel better about yourself, which leads to having more confidence. Exercise also reduces anxiety and stress and releases euphoric chemicals in the brain like endorphins and dopamine.

5 minutes is better than no minutes – don’t let anyone tell you differently.

  1. Any change for the good is GREAT.

Eating like a “saint” is impossible and truly not any fun. Food needs to be a source of fuel so that you have energy to perform in everyday life. Start small, one change at a time heading towards perhaps the 80-20 rule. If you eat well 80% of the time, it’s going to make a big difference in your life. More importantly, you won’t feel robbed by missing your favorite foods, you can eat them in the 20% time.

  1. Be real.

You are your own worst critic and worst enemy.

If you know you are going out for dinner or away for the weekend and won’t have access to many healthy choices, have a great week and you won’t feel guilty when you are able to enjoy!

  1. Celebrate

Enjoy your wins and be grateful everyday for the person you are. Life is about small steps and they should be recognized and enjoyed!

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