Trainer Tip: Squat Variations

20 Squat Variations 

Guy Bushell – Heavens Personal Trainer

We asked Guy to give us a list of his favorite variations of squats. He suggested that we try out one of these twenty squat variations during our next workout.







20 Squat Variations

  1. Squats
  2. Isometric squat
  3. Pulse squats
  4. Pulse squats with hop
  5. Jumping Jack squats
  6. Bosu squats
  7. Isometric Bosu squat + Bosu jog
  8. Side to side Bosu squats
  9. Bosu jump squats (bouncing off Bosu)
  10. Side to side hop squats
  11. 90 degree squat jumps
  12. Squats + alt side leg raises
  13. Squats + side + back leg raises
  14. Side squat walks
  15. Side moving squat hops
  16. Rotating squat walk (forwards and backwards)
  17. Uneven squats/side step up
  18. Uneven squats/side step up/hip Abduction
  19. One leg squats (Bulgarian Split Squat)
  20. TRX one leg squats (Pistol Squat)
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