Weights & Wisdom: 2017 Client Success Story
"Heavens Fitness Coach Guy Bushell shares his client Garth's success story.  Way
to go, Guy and Garth!"

Garth came to me with the rather generic goal of ‘getting in shape’ 6 years ago. 

While working with Garth, I started refining his programs to help him prepare for and excel in his favourite activities.

“Your training, and the training programs that you develop that include activities outside the gym, have made a huge difference for me when I’m skiing, mountain biking and, importantly, in the day-to-day stuff.”

“I’m also very appreciative of how you’ve adapted the programs to allow me to continue training through the injuries that seem to be more frequent now that I’ve entered my sixties.”

As Garth became better conditioned, he came up with a specific goal to compete in Spartan races.  I developed periodized training plans months in advance to ensure that Garth would be in the best possible condition for the Super Spartan in Red Deer in 2015 and the Super Spartan in Calgary in 2017.

“The Spartan race results have been icing on the cake.”

The training Garth continues with, has provided additional benefits…“Old nagging problems that I had before I started training with you, particularly with my back and shoulders, have also gone away.”

Garth is currently training with me once every 2 weeks to compliment the workouts and activities he does on his own.

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