Weights & Wisdom: 2017 Client Success Story

“Joan has rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and several auto immune issues. I started working with Joan in May 2016, and since she has been training with me 2x/week religiously. She started off nervous and sceptical, but very quickly realized the multiple benefits that her sessions had for her… keeping her pain at a more tolerable level, the body transformation, the mind. She never knows how her body will be when she wakes up….’Some days are perfect and everything is great, other days it’s like my body is fighting itself all day long and it’s on fire’. What seems to be consistent, is at the end of each session she feels really good!….Her body has moved, her mind is more positive, and she’s ready for her day. Every single session this gal gives it her all. Joan is a complete inspiration to me!”

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