Weights & Wisdom: 2017 Client Success Story

“Jenn Ross came to me over two years ago.  She was bored with her trainer, tired of doing the same workouts over and over and had goals she wanted to reach. Work was also bogging her energy and she also felt that her husband, a runner, had all the fun doing his activities that he loved so much.  She approached  me and said, “I want to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer! And Danielle you need to prepare me for it.” So we trained at the gym twice a week for an entire year and a half and with hard work and perseverance we got her there!  I joined her this past summer and we did the ride – and SHE rocked it!!! After the ride was over, she said, “Now I want to run a race in San Fransisco that’s 15kms long…. can I do it?” I said of course!!! Let’s start training! And I’ll join you!! We fly to San Fran on this January 5th! She has stayed focussed and positive and her determination and hard work has been what gets her to attain her goals! Cannot wait to see what she will want to do next!! JUST hope it’s not swimming across shark infested waters for an ultra!!!! 😉 GO JENN GO!!!!”

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