Weights & Wisdom: Natural Remedies for Anti-aging

#1: Consume antioxidant rich foods – daily we’re exposed to harmful free radicals that bombard our body, resulting in a breakdown of cells as well cognitive deterioration. Antioxidants work to neutralize the production of free radicals, therefore slowing the aging process and enhancing overall health. Examples of foods rich in antioxidants are fruits, vegetables, avocados and gogi berries.
#2:  Manage your caffeine intake – yes, that’s right!  The liquid we’ve grown to love and rely on for a kick start is linked to elevated cortisol levels, and midsection thickening.  Instead, start your day with a glass of fresh lemon water, or red rooibos espresso.

#3:  Beauty Sleep– restful sleep is the key ingredient to a healthy body weight and youthful complexion. If you’re struggling with this it may be time to address your nighttime routine.

For example, what we eat before bed can elevate our cortisol (stress hormone) levels, slowing the release of melatonin (sleep hormones) resulting in a sluggish metabolism, and restless nights.

What’s the solution?   When night time munchies strike, forego the glass of vino or popcorn and opt for protein rich foods.  Proteins are the building blocks needed for cell growth and repair, therefore regulating hormonal health and restful sleep cycles.

#4:  Bump your Fats – not only do healthy fats create a glowing complexion, they’ve also been linked to a reduction of inflammation, sugar cravings and help to balance hormones. Foods rich in these properties are: wild fish, avocado, ground flax, hemp seeds, chia seeds, raw nuts or seeds.

Dawn Hart – Fitness and Nutrition Coach

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